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Rug Care

Care of oriental rugs - Carpets and rugs are made entirely from natural fibres and light vacuuming will remove surface dirt. Liquids should be blotted up quickly with an absorbent cloth. They should never be soaked in water, put in a washing machine or cleaned with an ordinary dry-cleaning process.

Antislip underlay for rugs on carpets, wood, stone or tiled floors, not only keeps the rug in place but protects the rug.

Our cleaning process is better and more thorough than any other carpet cleaning system. Over the years the pile of your rugs act as a filter. Like a doormat they capture bugs, allergens, grit and dust and that’s what you don’t need in your rug.

This debris cannot be removed by vacuuming alone. If you try to wash the rug with shampoo, the dirt turns to mud that sticks to the pile, discolours the wool and makes it much harder to remove.

Take all four together and your rugs will also look better, feel softer and smell cleaner.

Why our Cleaning Process is Better

Our workshop has been equipped specifically to clean Oriental rugs. Powerful equipment achieves results that are simply not possible using conventional cleaning machines.

1. Power brush

To lift flattened and matted pile.

2. Rug dusting

Our powerful RugBadger removes Bugs, Allergens, Dust and Grit.

3. RugRevive washing process

RugRevive separates the soil from the pile and a 400psi jet flushes the dirt away in one cycle. Your rug is left almost dry.

4. Fringes, stain removal and detailing

Our custom-made fringe cleaning tool makes light work of dirty fringes and careful use of stain removers complete the clean.

5. Rug Finish

Finishing rinse to set the pile and add a lustre to the rug. Add Silicon for stain protection Add NoInsekt to prevent infestation

6. Rug drying

Power drying with multiple Turbo Fans humidity and heat control.


We have an excellent team of professional restorers who can tackle anything from simple fringe repairs to more complicated re-piling work.