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Afghan Sultanabad

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Afghan Sultanabad
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Rug Number: 13555
Size: 374.00cm x 272.00cm
Availability: In Stock
Price: £4,394.00


These elegant rugs are named after a town in southern Iran although the best examples are usually woven in Afghanistan or Pakistan nowadays.  The rugs are hand knotted using hand-spun wool and the structure is very durable. They are of fine quality and come in a variety of sizes from small to large room size.  Sultanabads are woven using many different colours thus making an interesting striking pattern, whilst using western colour palettes giving a muted antique finish, which fit well with both modern and traditional interiors.

These beautiful hand knotted rugs are superior in quality and whilst it is often difficult to distinguish this from an image, usually the price reflects the quality.  Many hours work have been put into this rug from the hand-spinning and dyeing of the wool using vegetable dyes. Then, of course, the hand-knotting by the weavers followed by the many finishing processes to produce these fine rugs. 

Ziegler is the name of a design rather than a town or tribe. An Anglo/Swiss company, Ziegler & Co., commissioned the original rugs in 1883.  Using leading designers and master weavers from Iran and Europe the rugs were designed with the western market in mind.  Originally the weaving began in the Arak province of Iran however most new Ziegler designs are crafted in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

They are, by their colour and design, extremely versatile and suit the homes of the 21st century.