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Persian Belouch

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Persian Belouch
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Country of origin: Persian
Rug Number: 14847
Size: 180.00cm x 118.00cm
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Persian Belouch

The Belouch (Balouch) is a tribal area which straddles the Persian / Afghan border. The weavers in Persia (Iran) tend to weave finer pieces than their Afghan cousins.

Iran (Persia) produces some of the finest rugs and carpets in the world. They are woven in towns, villages and by nomadic tribes. The rugs and carpets vary enormously in size and quality from small prayer rugs to carpets fit for a palace!

The common material for both rugs and carpets is wool, usually with a cotton weft and warp. The finest (and most expensive!) are pieces made with silk.

The majority of Persian carpets designs are based on floral motifs with occasional figurative designs, both human and animal, as well as a few simple, geometric ones. Most of the designs have religious or social symbolism. The colours also have significance but vary from region to region.

Generally the designs are based on what the weavers see around them in their everyday life; birds, insects, trees, flowers etc.

Persian rugs and carpets are extremely hard wearing and should last between 50 and 100 years, or more, depending on how much footfall they receive.

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