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At Oakham Oriental Rugs, we're always getting in new stock to ensure we're able to provide our customers with an even greater choice of rugs to adorn their homes with.

Therefore we always have a great selection of rugs for sale. There is nothing wrong with these items, we've simply had them in stock for a while and they need a good home!


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Afghan Ziegler
Afghan Ziegler ..
Size:223.00cm x 179.00cm
Chinese kilim
Chinese kilim ..
Size:159.00cm x 91.00cm
£186.00 £1,418.00
Afghan Ziegler
Afghan Ziegler ..
Size:224.00cm x 173.00cm
£1,921.00 £1,200.00
India Kashmir Silk
India Kashmir Silk ..
Size:180.00cm x 120.00cm
£2,041.00 £1,000.00
Afghan Kazak Rug
Afghan Kazak Rug ..
Size:199.00cm x 154.00cm
£1,400.00 £950.00
Afghan Kazak Rug
Afghan Kazak Rug ..
Size:185.00cm x 158.00cm
£1,223.00 £950.00
India Heriz
Indo Heriz ..
Size:213.00cm x 154.00cm
£1,100.00 £850.00
Chinese Needlepoint
Chinese Needlepoint ..
Size:274.00cm x 183.00cm
£890.00 £710.00
India Ziegler. Ziegler is the name of a design rather than a town or tribe.  These rugs come..
Size:187.00cm x 122.00cm
£799.00 £640.00
Persian Qashgai
Persian Qashgai ..
Size:179.00cm x 121.00cm
£875.00 £600.00
Afghan Kilim
Afghan Kilim. Very popular at the moment! Kilim is the name given to a carpet without any pile. O..
Size:202.00cm x 122.00cm
£850.00 £600.00
India Modern
India Modern ..
Size:205.00cm x 138.00cm
£610.00 £499.00
Afghan Ziegler
Afghan Ziegler ..
Size:154.00cm x 100.00cm
£599.00 £499.00
Afghan Ziegler
AFGHAN ZIEGLER Ziegler is the name of a design rather than a town or tribe.  These rugs com..
Size:152.00cm x 96.00cm
£531.00 £400.00
Afghan Kilim
Afghan Kilim ..
Size:250.00cm x 173.00cm
£499.00 £399.00