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Style Steal: Recreating Harry and Meghan’s Secret Getaway

While one could spend hours fawning over the lives of luxury that this newly betrothed couple enjoy, we’d rather spend our time thinking of ways to introduce elements of their extravagance into our own interior décor.

Taking inspiration from the sustainable Kenyan safari lodge in which the two celebrated Meghan’s recent thirty-‘ahem’th birthday, we got to thinking how one could house a bit of the savannah into our modest abodes.

Brass Ornaments

A standout item in many-a-safari lodge is the open-air bathroom they enjoy and while opening the four walls of your privy may not suit the high-rise surrounds of a city-dweller, there are most likely other elements of these delicate spaces that one could use to replicate that outback feel.

Antique fixtures and brass basins are two such items that come to mind, as these wonderfully coloured, vaguely ornamental elements bring a sense of colonial heritage to the bathroom. Their reflective nature also presents a warming glow in potentially sterile surrounds, so why not introduce the ancient to the indoors.

Furry Throws

The mainstay of many lodges; the warming throws under which beloved couples coddle for warmth under starlit skies. It gets cold even in the savannah, so it’s no surprise we see such items draped over the beds.

A carefully selected throw-pillow combination can liven up any bedspread, making weekend mornings stretch long into the afternoon. The dream!

Bring the Outside In

Sustainable, tented living screams of natural ornaments throughout with every structural element supported by wooden beams or timber structures. While going all out on a green oak frame may be a touch excessive when recreating the safari style, opting for timber shelving is a step closer to reality.

There is something unidentifiably soothing about the curved surface of a wooden shelf, their imperfections imbuing a sense of nature as much as a wonderfully organic feel to an otherwise recessive space. This type of shelving is indeed one to try for those seeking to shift their mindset from the indoors to out.

Repurpose Hidden Gems

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” – remember this the next time you throw out grandpa’s wooden globe.

So often we step into a space that is teeming with style and speak of our love of these repurposed old furnishings. Too often do we get home and dispose of our own, decrepit items.

It’s time to search through the garage and see what gems lie in wait, as a lick of varnish could be all that stands between you and a one-of-a-kind drinks cabinet that would suit any regal retreat.

*            *            *

Open spaces and natural furnishings are the order of the day when reflecting the style of the royal’s favourite escape. What, at first glance, may seem impossible to recreate, only requires a second look to appreciate the simplicity that lies within the design.

It’s time to design your exotic getaway – in the comfort of your own home.

Posted On: 21/01/2018

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