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How To Select The Right Rug For Your Home

Wool Afghan rugs, contemporary tapestries, practical runners and the plethora of traditional rugs are just a few of the potential floor-coverings that may tempt you when furnishing your home. The colour, design and texture of a rug can provide real personality and add to the ambience of a room. However, it can often feel as though it’s a bit of a minefield!

With some consideration and our help, we hope you’re able to choose the most appropriate rug for you and your home.

Here are our top tips on what to look for and think about before you start shopping:

The first thing you should address is what you’re buying the rug for. Is it a statement piece? A hallway runner? Does it need to be hardwearing or is it just for comfort? Take into consideration the tone of the room you are looking to place it in; a more neutral design, for example, will blend into the background and provide a more serene atmosphere.

If you are attempting to split a room into different areas, a number of smaller rugs can work well to define each of the spaces. A larger, bolder and central rug is more likely to unify a room as a whole. Traditional rugs can often have a circular or diamond-shaped pattern in the centre called a medallion. In which case, if furniture is to be laid asymmetrically against this motif it may work better to choose a rug with an all-over design.

Making the right size choice is vital! A rug that’s too small for a space will make the room appear smaller. It’s also worth considering the placement of the rug depending on the type of room. For example, in a bedroom, you would usually want to feel the rug on your feet as you step out of bed. Therefore, it should cover at least two footsteps width from the edge of the bed. In a living room area with furniture facing each other, such as a sofa and armchairs, the front legs of these should ideally be on the edge of the rug to create a unified space.

Once you’ve decided on where you want your rug to go, what colours and patterns you are after, the two more technical things to think about are knot density and fibre!

Knot Density or Count

Knot density, which indicates the strength of the weave, and fineness of the design on the rug is a clear gauge of quality. To examine fineness, compare the backs of different rugs - each bump is a knot. Small knots allow for defined curves and fine, clear lines in the pattern, and they will inevitably be more expensive. To test knot density, push your fingers down to the base of the pile; if the knots feel tightly packed, as in wool Afghan rugs, the rug will be longer lasting.  A good criterion for traditional rugs is to look for upwards of 120 knots a square inch.

The Fibre

The final thing to check is what material the rug is made of.  Boiled cotton just isn’t worth the same as silk and it’s important to know the difference. It can be difficult to work out, but the simple burn test is one way to get a better idea. If you were to burn an unpicked knot or snippet of fringe (not the entire rug!) silk and wool are materials that smoulder whereas their less luxurious substitutes will catch alight.

So, there are some pointers on how to go about to choosing a rug for your home, whether you’re looking for traditional rugs, wool Afghan rugs, or something modern and avant-garde, quality is always king and hopefully, you now know where to start!

Want more advice? Get in touch. Call us on 01572 724441 or email us: mail@oakhamorientalrugs.co.uk.

Posted On: 25/10/2017

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