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How to create a Boho living space

The word ‘boho’ is short for bohemian, a term coined by French artists to describe their wish to set themselves apart from the stuffy, rigid ideals of the time. Now we use it to mean an arty, casual, earthy design with lots of different elements thrown in.

Boho living spaces are comfortable and, above all, interesting. You should always decorate each room according to your own personality, but you should also always feel free to take inspiration from elsewhere! Let’s have a look at some tried-and-tested ideas…


Forget minimalism. Bohemian design loves clutter, as long as everything is arranged in an artful way. Overlay your blankets on top of each other, pile up your pillows and cushions, and fill your wall with photos of your friends and family! Add some rugs for a boho look – yep, rugs, not rug. You can overlay them on top of each other too! The result will be wild, exciting, and very comfortable when it comes time to chill out and relax.


A bohemian room is always colourful. Some people like an explosion of colours, others prefer just two or three, but dull all-white rooms are certainly out. Combining muted colours with bright, bold ones is always a good idea – try different paints, different curtains and textures etc. until you decide what looks the best!

Don’t forget, different colours lend different sorts of energy to a room. Blue can bring a sense of peace and relaxation while yellows and oranges can stimulate creativity. Consider what you’ll be doing in your room and how you want to feel while you’re doing it! Discover the top colour schemes for 2017 here.


Natural light is ideal for a bohemian room – open up your curtains and blinds and let the sun flood in through a large, unfiltered windows. Obviously, though, that’s not possible for everyone – some houses just aren’t positioned to receive the sun. Luckily, lamps and lights are a huge part of what makes boho rooms so special! Arrange your lights so that they highlight the best elements of your room, or even make them into a key part of the décor. 

Always use soft light, never harsh light! Boho rooms are always warm in appearance, and harsh light will ruin all that.

Focal points

Boho rooms may purposely not be organised, but they often have a particular element which is meant to draw the eye. This could be framed artworks arranged above your sofa, authentic rugs on the floor, an exposed brick wall… Anything which looks interesting and unusual. If you happen to have an old vase you don’t know what to do with, or anything creative you want to show off, it’s time to shift it into the centre of your bohemian room.


Bohemian living and a planet-friendly lifestyle tend to go hand in hand. They favour the natural, not the mechanical – even TVs in boho-style rooms don’t usually have a lot of attention drawn towards them, if they’re there at all. Therefore, upcycling and recycling is definitely in! Many boho rooms feature old tables and chairs rescued from rubbish dumps that are given a new lease of life. And potted plants – as many as possible – also usually appear!

It may take a bit of work and possibly a bit of expense before you have your new boho living space exactly how you want it – but it’s worth it. There are few places more relaxing and homely than a colourful, calm bohemian room!


Posted On: 26/04/2017

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