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How To Achieve The Best Layered Rug Look

It can be great fun but plenty of hard work decorating a property, but even if you think you have a real eye for interior design there’s one place that is almost impossible for you to get just right – your own home. Just about everybody can walk into a friend or family member’s home and either pick fault with a piece of artwork or marvel at how comfortable the sofa is and how great the table display is. So, why can’t we get our own homes to meet the same high standards and what can we do to achieve it?

Quite often the issue is down to three things – time, money and family life. It’s often a compromise of the three when you redecorate or design a home, and once you have children you’re forced to re-evaluate your fashion sense for something safe and practical for the whole family. 

It’s understandable when you think about it, as nobody wants small children falling over and hurting themselves, and padding certain items of furniture like coffee tables is often the way to go… but what if there was a way of styling your home as you’ve always imagined, and providing that soft “landing area” for children?

Layered rugs could be that answer. Some homeowners are a fan of the less-is-more approach to interior design, but when it comes to layering you can mix and match as and when you please. In your front room, for example, you may have a smart and coordinated rug underneath your coffee table and spreading out into the room, but with a contrasting coloured rug that is smaller on top you can add additional styling, sophistication and protection for children and against stains on the lighter rug beneath.

Some homeowners who have already opted the layered rug look will testify that you can utilise a simple rug as a form of protection for your flooring, perhaps against scratch marks caused by furniture and children’s toys, and partner this with a statement rug on the top that adds a splash of colour, transforming the look and feel of the room.

They can also be used as a clear and stylish way to separate different areas of the same room. If you have wooden floors throughout your property and perhaps your kitchen and living room blend into one, you could use a large rug in the living area to add warmth and protect the flooring, and use a smaller, brighter rug layered on top to add the splash of colour and style you need to distinguish between the kitchen and the rest of the home.

Faux fur rugs and vintage rugs are among the most popular additions to homes and can complement your existing styling beautifully if you can find contrasting colours. With faux fur, the white on white look can be very smart but may not be ideal for homes with young children; while the vintage design can give a genuine feel of sophistication. 

Best of all, if you don’t like the look you can roll it up and move it to another area of the home and try again.

Posted On: 22/08/2017

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