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Christmas Décor Trends

Now the capital has switched on its iconic display, who are we to argue that Christmas isn't just around the corner. Rather than the usual rolling-of-the-eyes, it’s high-time for excitement!
So, let’s look at the trends that will deck our homes this Noel.

Scandinavian Inspiration

With all the recent chatter about Hygge, there’s no surprise that Danish décor will fill many homes this December. 
Those masters of comfort know a thing or two about bringing warmth to winter, so expect woollen stockings and knitted decorations hanging from every wall. Renowned for their elegance, don't be surprised to experience a more refined atmosphere in the house this year.
Look forward to branches full of berries, scented candles and a generous dose of white dressing every room with sophistication.

Handmade Hangings

Let's face it. The decorations that hide in our attics for most of the year are looking rather tired. So, instead of heading out and buying a whole new array of these once-a-year wonders, why not get creative?
Expect a showreel of memories as your children recreate all the latest trends in Christmas form. From Love Island baubles to Game of Thrones tinsel, this is sure to be a winner as you manifest little miracles for your tree.

Themed Sweaters

Why let trees have all the fun?! How about throwing some personal decoration into the mix…?
As our favourite series continues to dominate the airwaves, it's only fair they dominate our festivities as well. Nothing like a seasonal special while sporting a distinctive sweater at the same time.
So, bring out the full range of Christmas jumpers - but with a TV-twist.

Pineapple Christmas Trees

Hear us out. This could really take off.
They became famous thanks to their ban from Glastonbury. They're due for a resurgence this Christmas after setting social media alight over Halloween.
As people branch (ahem) out for new ideas, we expect some tropical flair to enter our homes. And nothing spells festivities like baubles hanging off fruit: we’re already liking the Instagram posts.

Move Over Holly

As our taste for flowers evolves thanks to the advent of innovative delivery services, retailers are upping their game as well. 
Christmas bouquets are no longer an afterthought to hang from the door. They now take centre-stage.
From delicate collections to decorate our tables to vast vases that will dominate a wall, Christmas flower arrangements have become big business.
* * *
As families become increasingly inventive with decorative ideas, we expect 2017 to be no different. The year has introduced a range of new trends and we fully expect them to make their way onto our trees come Christmas.
All will arrive sooner than you think so be sure to get on with your inspiration and get planning this year’s seasonal masterpiece.
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Posted On: 04/12/2017

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