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Seven of the Hottest Outdoor Décor Trends in 2018

As the weather warms up, it’s time to turn our attention outside; there’s so much more to a thoughtfully decorated house than the plain old interior.

So, with the summer season almost in full swing, let’s take a look at a few ideas to inject some style into your home’s green space.

Mood Lighting

Often overlooked when we step outdoors, getting the lighting spot on can turn an understated patio into an evening centre stage. Globe bulbs create the perfect ambience; whether chosen for the warming glow of a monochromatic string or angling for personality with the more colourful varieties.

After all, the garden is for enjoying throughout the day, then well into the night. So, be sure to choose lighting that sets the mood just right.

Hangout on a Hanging Daybed

Ever-present amidst the party crowd, the daybed is almost folkloric amidst the Ibizan jet-set. Why not hang one beneath a veranda or even suspend it from a tall tree?

In doing so, you’ll infuse an effortlessly chilled aura into the warmth of the outdoors; as much as creating an idyllic setting for those ‘Lazy Sunday’ siestas.

At-home Wood-fired Pizza Oven

A perennial favourite throughout the country, you’d be hard-pressed to walk any city street without being tempted by the alluring scent of a wood-fired pizza oven quickly crisping a sourdough crust.

But why limit yourself to urban adventure, when you could have your very own stone-baked oven in the backyard?

It doesn’t take an engineering degree to install a wood-fired oven. And when sat beneath the soft globe lighting devouring your first home-fired margarita, your mind will wistfully whisk you away to Napoli.

Taking Textiles Outdoors

There’s a visible trend for multi-use fabrics as weatherproof rugs take centre-stage, both indoors and outside. Hard-wearing yet comfortable pillows, over-sized throws, and textured drapes that weather with grace, add Mediterranean ease to your enjoyment of the outdoors as you recline on the grass, the sun warming your soul. View our full range of rugs here >

Growing Colour

Even if space is limited, carefully selected potted plants will add colour and life to otherwise uninspired surrounds. Say you live in an urban environment or only have access to a patio, planting vibrant nasturtiums and clematis will deliver an instant summertime vibe.

There’s little reason not to harmonise planting arrangements with the textiles you choose, so opt for a variety of colours but stick to a theme. Aiming for consistency will help you evolve the style of the outdoor space, letting you pick your summer rugs well before the season's first bloom.

2018: The Year of Boho

Step back into a summer of love and bring a boho chic to the outdoors. Wooden, tipi-style trellising floating over floor-seats will create a wonderfully relaxed environment in which to entertain; or thoughtfully scattered ornaments chiming in the trees will ensure the right vibe for your sunshine gathering.

Boho is most definitely back, and it complements an enchanting open-air environment, beautifully.


Posted On: 12/06/2018

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