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5 Store Cupboard Staples To Remove Stains From Carpets

As we squint at another unintelligible ingredient list on the latest bottle of stain remover, it is little wonder that parents now devise their own solutions when it comes to cleaning the dog’s paw marks off the new sofa, or picking up the final few baked beans as they’re toppled onto the carpet.
Thankfully, there remain a few store cupboard ingredients that offer a more natural remedy to remove even the hardiest of stains. So, the next time you’re down on all fours scrubbing away, remember these tricks to avoid dousing more unpronounceable chemicals into your home.

Pop a Beer

No – not to drown your sorrows. It turns out that beer is a fantastic solution to any tea or coffee spillage as it lifts marks clean off the carpet. Pour a small amount directly onto the stain, rub lightly and – voila – gone, as if by magic.
Though you may not want to waste too much of your precious brew, if it doesn’t work the first-time round, a second helping should remove any last marks.

Season Generously

If your trying to cut your salt intake, consider using it as your new stain remover instead (particularly when you knock over your favourite bottle of pinot noir!). 
First, pour a small amount of water on the spill to dilute the colour, then dab the spot with a damp sponge to clear any residual liquid. Now sprinkle liberally with salt, then attack with the hoover after 10-minutes.
Marvel at the powers of this savoury saviour.

And What Comes After Salt…

When it comes to more resolute stains, a little vinegar can go a long way. From straight vinegar to diluted solutions, all manner of marks can be removed thanks to this astringent friend.
For lighter stains, mix a couple of tablespoons of salt with half a cup of white vinegar, rub on the carpet and leave to dry. Now pass a vacuum over the top and it should look good as new!
For tougher stains, you may have to dig into the cupboard for that box of cornflour. Mixing a tablespoon of this funny powder with a tablespoon of white vinegar should form a paste, which - if plastered onto dirty paw-marks and left to dry for a couple of days - should leave no trace of your furry friend once vacuumed.

The Great Carpet Bake Off

Ever known what to do with a rather sad-looking tub of baking soda that sits at the back of your cupboard? Well, should a loving family pet have an accident indoors, it can come in pretty handy. So, should you find yourself needing to clean urine from your carpet, there is no better answer than baking soda.
Dab the area, pour on a generous amount, then give it a pat with a dishcloth. Once dry, hoover this up and you should have a completely clean, sanitary and odour-free spot.

Ice, Ice Baby

Perhaps less frequent, but no less frustrating… If anyone has ever had chewing gum in their hair, then they may be familiar with this one.
Bust out the ice tray, put cubes in a plastic bag, hold over the gum to freeze it to the carpet, then get to work with a blunt knife. It shouldn’t take long for the frozen mess to peel away.
* * *
Whether it’s a teatime slip or a late-night disaster, there’s no need to fear a spreading torrent. Just dive into the cupboard and pull out your favourite ingredient – one of them is sure to come to your rescue when you know which to choose!
What’s more, if in doubt, we also provide a professional rug cleaning service. Find out more here or get in touch: mail@oakhamorientalrugs.co.uk

Posted On: 13/11/2017

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