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4 Super Simple Steps to Creating the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Whether friends or family; loved ones or lesser-knowns: you want your guests to be wowed by their temporary sleeping quarters – as such, the guest bedroom is a prize of many households.

Your guest room is a space in which you can inject hints of personality – creating homes-away-from-home with an added five-star sparkle.

So, here are five simple tips for creating a guest bedroom with real wow-factor.

Amp Up the Greenery

Nothing brings life to a room like a few freshly-potted plants, a beautiful wall hanging, even, or floral ceiling decoration. The best hotels know how to add that fresh, oxygenated vibe to their interiors – make sure you do too.

Embellish side tables with a vibrant bloom; let vines hang down from ceiling pots, or opt for a small blossom on the duvet cover as a welcoming gesture for when guests walk in.

Such a thought is so much more vibrant, so much more personal, than those lonely-looking little pillow chocolates.

Choose Furnishings Wisely

There’s nothing worse than falling onto a squeaky, springy bed when arriving in a new bedroom. So, always invest in the best most affordable mattress, even if it’s only in use a few times a year. Your guests will thank you for it, as will your family, as a well-rested relative descends with the spring of a good night’s sleep in their step.

Adding soft-seating space, the right side-table, and simple lighting also adds to the homely aura. With a comfortable place to sit and read, there’s no need to roam the hallways in search of a resting spot. The lovely guest bedroom becomes its own little secret domain.

Add Cushions and Rugs for Comfort

There is no underestimating the importance of the right cushions and rugs dotted around the room. An inviting throw placed across the bedspread that can be quickly dragged to a chair on chillier days; or, a selection of colourful cushions to bury a travel-weary body into at the end of the day.

Such touches can make all the difference to the ultimate level of comfort.

Moreover, a carefully-selected rug can add life to otherwise monochromatic surrounds. Brightening up the room – and the mood – in one deft swoop.

Colour Schemes

Be confident in your colours; you will have a lot of people passing through your guest room, but there is no pleasing them all. So, choose a scheme to suit you – and be playful.

Given this is a space for short-term use, you can afford to pick more eclectic mixes, just like the decor of your favourite boutique hotel. When you walk into a room that balances lighter hues with more vibrant tones, you instantly rejuvenate the soul. Plus, the different approach can add enjoyment to the prospect of sleeping somewhere that’s not your own.

Bask in the freedom of this seldom-used space. Who knows… You may even find yourself enjoying it as a separate ‘home-within-your-home’ – a secretive little getaway should the young ones become too much.

Posted On: 10/05/2018

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