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4 Reasons A Bespoke Rug Will Brighten Your Home

Our homes are a deeply personal space. While we cannot control every feature of the external design, we can certainly take ownership of the décor. Bringing personalised shapes, colours and finishes to the flooring can turn any run-of-the-mill parquet into a timeless centrepiece – a statement of intent that defines the overall flow of the design.

So, what are the benefits of opting for a custom rug?

Curl Your Toes Around Some Wool

Wooden floors are à la mode in most contemporary homes and for a good reason. Such sleek design complements the minimalist aesthetic for which we all strive. However, wood can be less of a warm embrace for our feet. And while the overall look is essential in a room, it is the feeling that truly underpins our comfort.

The custom-made rug will often feature a pure wool finish – an authentic, stylish material that handily comes with all manner of benefits. It is entirely sustainable, as the wool is sourced from pasture-raised sheep and takes minimal energy to spin. It is very energy efficient (sheep need to stay warm, as do your feet). Plus, it lasts. Wool is a stretchy material that doesn’t lose its shape so, even after a few years, you’ll have a rug that looks as good as new.

Shabby Chic or Stylish Sleek

While we love to suggest wool, this does not restrict you to a specific look. This incredibly dynamic material lends itself to all manner of styles, so you needn't have what appears to be a sheep lolling on your floor (unless that's what you want).

A hand-tufted option gives that rugged outdoor vibe. Or the hand-knotted and flat weave varieties may be the refined finish to suit more understated surrounds. In reality, you can achieve what you want with a custom-made rug, so let the imagination roam the pastures green and bring creative ideas forth.

Customary, Colourful Showpiece

It feels great, now make sure it looks the part. We each harbour secret desires of a rug that - as we roll it out across the living room floor - elicits gasps of pure ecstasy from the entire family. While this may remain the stuff of pure fantasy, at least you get to experience the visual pleasure of a perfectly-toned rug on a daily basis.

Bespoke rugs come in all colours. Just as you can spend days hand-picking bathroom tiles, we suggest equal consideration for the rug. It is rare you have such freedom to bring inspiration to a space. Plus, a well-matched floor piece will not only enhance your engineered oak floorboards, but it could also harmonise with the wall-hangings and artworks as well.

Two-Tones, Patterns and Shapes

Woe betides the one who selects a rectangular, single-shaded rug. This is your masterpiece, be sure to treat it as such.

A custom rug can bend around corners, change colour halfway through and even blend the rainbow in all manner of incongruous patterns. This is no time to be shy – so, explore the full vernacular of the bespoke rug.

Playful spaces require joyous additions and the best thing about a rug; if one spot doesn't quite capture its beauty, tweak its position until you find that perfect match. There is no better way to make your home your own; it’s time to get creative!

Ready to create your own custom-designed rug? Find out how we can help here.

Posted On: 14/03/2018

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