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3 Interior Design Trends For Autumn 2018

As the seasons relentlessly roll on, the flowers of summer are swapped for the leaves of autumn, and the trends that looked great on a bright summers day fade into the background in favour of a more seasonal touch. While fundamental aspects change, like colour palettes and patterns, achieving the new look can be easier than you think.

Below we’ll take a look at what’s going to be hot this autumn and winter, and give you tips on how to achieve the look without remortgaging your home.

We’ll be reminiscing about summer

The real flowers might have hidden away until next year, but one design trend will be all about oversized floral patterns. While you could rush out and buy expensive designer wallpaper to fulfil all your flowery cravings, the same feel can be achieved at a considerably lower price.

Big floral prints and patterns are a popular item on cushions, curtains, bedding, and rugs. You can even buy a vase and fill it with oversized bright flowers to bring a little realism to your design. Try to keep the surrounding furnishings and colours plain, as a competing pattern can look too busy, whereas a complementary but simple colour scheme will allow your floral touches to steal the show.

The Midas touch

Gold has been growing in popularity for some time now, and the trend only looks like it’s going to continue throughout autumn and winter. Too much gold can be overpowering, but used as the main part of your colour scheme it can complement your overall theme beautifully.

Gold has been fashionable for a while now, so try to get creative in how you use it. A gold coloured fruit bowl, legs on furniture, or cleverly presented soft furnishings can all add a nice accent of gold without making your home resemble that of King Midas himself.

Brighten your day

If this all sounds a little drab to you, then the next trend this autumn and winter will be right up your alley. Our third trend is all about being bold and bright. Find the brightest accessories you can that feature geometric patterns or just random shapes, as long as they’re bold it will work. If you have a fairly neutral background colour in a room then this can be a fantastic way to add bags of character and fun.

Don’t worry about mixing colours that clash, we’re going for bold after all. The only restriction on your boldness should be to keep the designs you pick as modern as possible, whether ornaments for your shelves or pillowcases for your settee, modern boldness will make your rooms pop this autumn and winter.

General trends

With gold continuing its popularity, expect to see plenty of complimentary colours becoming more popular. Navy blue and black are both scheduled to play a supporting role. As an antidote to all the opulence and floweriness, expect to also see a rise in popularity of a more retro neutral look, particularly of Scandinavian origin. 

Posted On: 18/09/2018

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