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3 Decorating Tips To Improve Any Room

Designers aren’t the only ones that are creative types, there’s a good chance you’re just as eager to use your imagination to explore and dream a little. Even though it can be good to let your creative impulses run wild, there are a few tips and tricks that will help to ensure you get great results no matter what you do.

1) Don’t clutter

Part of the appeal of spending time in any particular room is down to more than just the way it looks. The room needs to be comfortable too. Achieving this is down to more than just how comfortable your cushions are, but also involves the ease with which you can move around. If you have to perform a sidestep every time you want to nip and put the kettle on it’s not ideal.

From a cost perspective this means you need less furniture and clutter, which means it’s cheaper. If cost isn’t your priority then spend the money on better quality furniture rather than more of it.

2) Know how to accessorise

Whether it’s a rug, soft furnishings, or a selection of potted plants, choosing the right accessories for your space can create a completely different feel. Plants add a feeling of freshness and help to keep the air clean, while a cleverly deployed rug can help to define a room and create a feeling of space.

Some people also lock onto a single theme for their accessories, and everything they buy must reflect this theme. A subtle theme can add character while one that’s too strong will simply overpower the room and make it look tacky while lacking any sense of individuality.

A large rug can help to create a feeling of luxury, but if there isn’t enough space around the rug it can look cramped. A smaller rug that sits just shy of any furniture can be a great option for smaller rooms.

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3) Choose the right colour

When you choose a colour make sure the one you choose is specifically for the room it’s going in. A colour that looks great in another room, someone else’s house, or your old house, may not look the same in a different room. Every room has different light sources and features that can change your perception of a colour.

It can also be a good idea to leave picking your paint colour until last, as this will allow you to see how the furniture, artwork, and any accessories fit together, giving you a better picture of the what each colour, shade or tone will look like.

Don’t worry too much

The room you create should be a reflection of you. You will have to live with your design decisions for a while, so make sure you make them based on your own preferences, not what you think is trendy this month, or what you think other people will like.

Express yourself freely, try different things, and most importantly of all, have fun.

Posted On: 15/04/2018

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