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10 Ways To Stay Cosy This Winter

If there is one thing we should trust the Scandinavians on at this time of year, it should be on how to bring warmth to the coldest months.

So, it is little surprise we draw inspiration from the Danish concept of Hygge – this unique, cosy style is something they have down to an art form which we can now draw light from where we once found dark.

To warm your heart, read on for 10 tips on how to stay cosy this winter - and prepare to get Hygge with it.

Create Warm Light
Nothing breeds warmth like – well – warmth. So, add some candles to your room. Not only will their glow bring a sense of uplifting light to the room, you may even feel their gentle warmth as it drifts through the air.

Minimalist Décor
Staying minimalist in colour scheme can help add a homeliness to the room – clean finishes help reflect the dull light, whilst darker tones ensure a warmer ambience.

Without the brightness of the summer months, richer hues may lose their sparkle.

Knitted Socks
There’s nothing like stepping on a cold stone slab to send a shiver down your spine. Invest in a pair of thick woollen socks to slip into every time you arrive home and feel their comforting warmth wrap around your feet you as you glide around the house.

Cushions and Duvets
Nothing is more comforting than the touch of a duvet around your shoulders. Well, perhaps the softness of a cushion behind your back. 

Being generous with soft-furnishings ensures ample space for respite whenever you need to take a seat.

Stack the Logs
There’s no homelier a sound than the crackle of a wood fire. Make sure to stack your logs before leaving for work so the minute you’re through the door, all it takes is a match to bring a sense of instant relief to your living room.

Stock the Wardrobe
Be sure to have some sweatpants on call – as soon as winter arrives, nothing beats your favourite loose-fit trousers as you sink into the softness of your crinkliest armchair.

Eat Well…
Cosy isn’t just about what’s around you. The Danes are known for their pastries and this is no myth; it is central to their happy selves. 

In making sure you eat wholesomely, warming food – say, a hot bowl of porridge with fruit compote for breakfast – you are sure to start with a skip in your step.

…And Stock the Tea Draw
Little surpasses a steaming cuppa on a brisk day, except when it’s your freshest blend steeped in your favourite tea-pot, then served amongst friends. So, swap the wine for a brew and invite those closest to you for the ultimate in cosy nights in.

Get Knitting
Time indoors – time to get creative. Why not forego the obligatory purchases, learn a new skill and get knitting some new wintery wears!

Don’t Forget the Outdoors
Yes – it’s cold, and we want you to stay cosy. But even though indoor comfort is paramount, a short stroll or gentle cycle helps keep your mood up, plus nothing will help you enjoy returning to the warmth of your duvet more than a quick jaunt outside.


Posted On: 22/10/2017

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