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China Needlepoint

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China Needlepoint
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Country of origin: Chinese
Rug Number: 15113
Size: 274.00cm x 183.00cm
Availability: In Stock
Price: £890.00

Aubusson and Needlepoint

In the year 1600, in a small French town called Aubusson, weavers had begun to create carpets and tapestries for Royal castles and palaces. In the mid 1700’s when the French Crown lent support to Aubusson artisans, the industry flourished. Named after the town of their birth, these hand woven flat weave carpets, having images of fruits, flowers, architectural elements and musical instruments, became known as Aubusson.

The pieces we see today are Chinese reproductions of the original designs. They are recreated in needle point and hand woven tapestries and are available in small sizes up to large room size pieces.


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