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Persian Gabbeh

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Persian Gabbeh
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Country of origin: Persian
Rug Number: 13414
Size: 117.00cm x 84.00cm
Availability: In Stock
Price: £280.00

Persian Gabbeh
The nomadic peoples of southern Persia (Iran) have been weaving rugs for hundreds, possibly thousands, of years. We are familiar today mainly with Quashgai weaving of conventional medallion and corner designs.
The more creative designs we associate with Gabbeh rugs today evolved from the making of rugs for their own feet and not for sale. Without the need for a profit, the weavers are able to produce pieces unbounded by convention and let their creative energy flow freely.
Many of the rugs contain zig zag or chequer board designs. The meaning, if any, for these patterns and vibrant colours is unclear and lost in the mists of time. Nomadic life is hard and uncertain. Perhaps these desert living people see their art as bringing some order and colour into their bleak landscape.


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